Senor Violeta Comunicacion

At Sr Violeta we create brands to fall in love with,
memorable content for social media,
and converting websites and apps.

Social Media

Social Media

We create content and positioning strategies
We design your content and your feed to visually conquer your audience. so that your company can convincingly reach more people.

Vibrant, modern and memorable communication. We persuade linguistically so that consumers are excited, identify and feel happy to choose your brand.

We interact with the most important profiles and hashtags, proactively, to gain relevance in your target community


A fluid User experience is essential, the speed with which users reach the data they are looking for and with which they enter to the conversion funnel are fundamental.

We know how to create this route in a friendly and natural way, a user experience in which they do not feel invaded and in which they manage to learn and generate a benefit for themselves while becoming our “leads”.


We design your brand, we promote it so that it reaches its maximum persuasive and communicative potential.

We persuade visually and linguistically so that consumers are excited, identify with your brand and feel happy to choose.

We align your brand to the business objectives and we do it strategically so that communication is 100% effective

We have more than 15 years of experience in communication and we are confident in our ability to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner.

We bring your brand to life and push it to reach its full potential.


Luciana Gonzalez Moran

Comunication Lic.

Gastón Baylé